Thank You

Vans, tents, campfires, and skateboarding kept the Nike Wakeskate Team in their true habitat for this ten day excursion around the Pacific Northwest. Ben Horan, Nick Taylor, Andrew Pastura, Austin Pastura & Yan Lecomte take their skates to the rapids, through the woods and back on the concrete in this short film titled Thank You. Filmed and Edited by Aaron Pastura & Tad Mathews. Photography by Ian Reid.

“Rain On” by Woods
Songs of Shame

“Girl Called Alex” by Kurt Vile
Wakin on a Pretty Daze

  • Stl wakeskates

    Damn boys u set the trip vid bar soooo high we can’t wait to hit the road this year in the bus see u on the tour or when u in the lake Mary Jane area

  • Drewnicorn88

    Damn. Best edit. Captures what wakeskting should be all about. Super sick.

  • Joecantflip

    This is what winching is all about; old spots, new spots, friends and good vibes.
    The waterfall and v dam were rad!!!!

  • Tex

    So sick!!!

  • james

    Wow! Speechless. Such an amazing edit on so many different levels. Really makes one want to get up and drop all responsibilities, travel and enjoy life.