OZ Trip Update

Day 7, Gold Coast, Australia. 27 degrees Celsius, paired with blistering sunburn. Still no sign of Kangaroos. Travis Belsito made podium twice and then disappeared with two cable groupies. Hopefully he’s ok. The natives here seem to be genuine and hospitable. As we expected, there is no shortage of winch spots. In 36 hours we head south, so until then, check out some sneak peak footage from our last encounter:


  • Tyler Maxwell

    Looks like a fun trip!

  • kee

    get itttt

  • Lael

    Yew! Good meeting you lads, hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • Steven

    Go Travis! Haven’t seen you at McCormick’s for awhile!

  • EP

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy! Lol

  • all padded up n shit. haha beaner is the man!

  • tyn

    LOL! That was hot!