Jettisoned gems: Stu Shinn

Stuart Shinn is a good friend of mine, one of the few of my friends that is as enthusiastic about basketball as I am. When Stu isn’t watching basketball or playing zombies……well you know what he does. He was also on the trip to ohio with me when I got the footage of austin in the recent edit posted here on wesubsist. Stu definitely killed it in Ohio, but that wasn’t the end of it. When we returned from that trip Stu rode everyday behind the boat and did some amazing things that no one else is capable of. Seriously, no one else. It is seriously mind blowing to watch Stu ride boat because he does tricks that others would kill to be able to do with such ease that its disgusting. This edit is a compilation of footage from ohio and the days of wake to wake destruction that took place shortly after.




  • Grasso

    STUUUUUUUUUU !! Once i pick my jaw up off the floor ill leave a proper Reply =)

  • Roomermill

    At 1:29 into the video my jaw fell off!

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  • kee

    the stu shinn revolution is back on again.
    party time

  • jz

    holy crap stuu! insanee

  • I literally had to re-watch that bs flip 5x. hollllly ____ !

  • Barry Mannelo

    Killing it!!!

  • Holy macaroni! Great riding Stu, and great edit Ian.

  • Jason

    Bless you Stu.

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  • Jake

    sooo great.

  • Mikey

    Wooooooow w2w back bigger was ridiculous

  • Lollar

    I think I owe you some beers. I hope you got laid after this was posted


  • LessTalkMoreRide

    holy shit

  • skater


  • Max

    the only one who makes boat riding a sick part of wakeskating, mad respect!


  • heath


  • drunkin monk style….KILLED IT….ill share a 12pack of can’s with that man any day of the year….

  • So nasty!!!

  • that shit was stuuuuuuupid

  • burt

    that was incredible

  • Rachel M

    Stu, you lookin’ to make some babies? Let me know, k?

  • Mumph

    filthy! so is the song! track i.d. anyone!

  • walaka

    stu is the man!!! sick shit buddy!

    its gorillaz i think

    • Mumph


  • Ian

    Gorillaz. Empire ants

    • Mumph

      gracias to you too!

  • matt

    Good thing was I saw half of that video outside on my dock. Dude sick riding.

  • Steven

    Man I would have killed to see that in person… That was truly unique from what I’m used to seeing.

    Stu- that was incredible. How many trys would you say it took to stick a wake-to-wake back bigger like that? Seriously, I fall so many damn times on new tricks and would love to know how many it took to actually accomplish that!