Jettisoned Gems: Austin Pastura

Austin Pastura

By Ian Reid

Austin Pastura is a popular subject when it comes to wakeskating these days due to his age, tricks, and of course relation to the King himself, Andrew Pastura. Yes, Andrew probably hates being called the King because he is one of the most modest people I know, but the truth sometimes hurts. Austin is no different with his attitude about wakeskating, he doesn’t need to hear how good he is because no matter what he is doing he is having more fun than you. Extremely motivated and constantly on the go, Austin is sure to keep progressing in everything he does. Since he is still in High school and lives in Ohio, we don’t get to film too often. So at the end of last summer, I made a road trip up to Ohio with some great dudes to stay with an even greater family. Most of the footage is from that trip, but some is from here in Orlando on Lake Nan, where many of our favorite water skaters reside. Just some random throw away stuff that is getting stale, and no one likes stale footage….. So enjoy the video, tell everyone you know how legit Wesubsist is, then go winch with your buds.



  • Reeder

    Holy shit.

  • Grasso

    That footy will never go stale ! Good edit Ian !

    • Ian

      Thanks Grosso!!

  • Holy Fucking Shit! That last stunt is ridiculous! I heard it was mega but damn…

  • wtf pole jam shuv to the moon

  • Hot dang, boys. Hot dang.

  • Classy.

  • Roomermill


  • Zack

    Jesus titty fucking christ! That could just as easily been his part for MTM and I would have been super stoaked. Fuck.

  • Edgar Perez


  • Tyler

    killlllin it

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  • BIGshuv


  • Edgar Perez

    Yea!!! Check it people.. one love!

  • zip

    what james said

  • Always a pleasure.

  • erik


  • OTT

    That was so awesome!! Love the edit and lovin that pole jamming!! Shiv at the end was monster!

  • tom doran

    better than a bong rip, but shit, watching it on a bong rip! EPIC

  • Tom

    Austin definitely has a buttload of potential, but his fans seem to have a strikingly buttload of pottymouth.