Catching Up with Keaton

Keaton Bowlby

Portrait by TM / Additional Photography by Calli Turner

Keaton recently suffered a serious knee injury and the doctors took his skate away. I knew he’d be sitting around doing nothing so we compiled a bunch of footage from this year and shot a few questions his way.

How old are you?
25 years young.

Where are you living now?
Rocklin, California. It’s awesome, everyone rolls through for a little.

How is Chaboy Bammer doin’ out west?
Chaboy is a straight local now. He even has the California ID to prove it. It’s been fun.

Seems like the rest of the crew is pretty spread out?
California is huge. Everyone is definitely spread out. You’ve got Leif and his crew about 2 hours west, Myles and Jen about an hour and a half east, little Austin and SangerLa is about 3 hours south, and then you’ve got Evan about 5 hours south. It works out though because we all get together on the weekend and winch our new spots SangerLa and The Semon Puddle.


You guys got any new Bloodstream products dropping next year?
Bloodstream as a whole is dropping. We just launched our site with an online shop last week and the response has been awesome. Everyone loves the socks. We have some shirts, a windbreaker and neoprene koozies dropping after the New Year.

What’s the deal with those new cable parks up there?
The cables are rad up here! Wake Island is super close to our house. Bammer, Calli and I ride there about four or five days a week after work.  Velocity Island just opened this year. They are geared more towards wakeboarding but we are trying to guide them in the right direction.

Are they already closed down for the year?
Wake Island is closed from the end of November to the first day of April. Velocity is open year round. After September they shift to only being open on the weekends up until April.


Your crew fires me up dude, I love how you guys just say fuck “wake season” and charge in the snow and shit.
It’s what we do. Why let a log-jam or some concrete go untouched just cause it’s cold or because there is snow on the ground? There are products that make winching in these temperatures so much easier.  All you need is a thick full suit and a propane heater head and you’re set!

How many months of the year do you suit up?
Around three to five months depending on the winter we are having. People complain about seeing footage in full suits and all that bullshit. Get over it. We don’t really have a choice.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen Myles do at a NorCal Convergence?
There are way too many. One time he back-flopped onto a twenty-four pack of coors light.


Who has the fastest torque laps?
The creator himself. Ev-Dawg. You’ve seen the guy move! He’s lightning fast.

So what are you doing for work these days?
I’m a graphic designer, busser, and do a little filming on the side to make that extra money. Keeps me busy, that’s for sure.

Are you planning on riding the whole tour next year?
I was planning on riding but I just blew out my MCL and PCL last weekend. I’ll be on the bench for a while.


Best memories of 2014?
Traveling and seeing all the homies was awesome. Building my own gap was definitely high on the list. The best time I had was without a doubt the week I spent at the old Wakeskate Mag HQ filming for the Groveland video. Dropping never!

Any thanks?
Thanks to my family for helping me with everything and my knee situation right now.  Watermonsters, Bloodstream, Pulldozer and Out Door Tech for keeping me going! Cheers to my guy Sheldon for letting us build a spot in his backyard without even knowing us, you’re the man! Stay weird.

Ok last question. Who is the best wakeskater right now?

True. Heal up quick!

Filmed by Mitch Cobb, Calli Turner, Bammer, Ollie Moore.
Edited by The Sub


  • Ryan

    Ya kee dog killing it as usual. Hope you’re back on a board soon!

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    that was fugin BA!

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    short and sweet fuck the bullshit

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    That was some fire right there!

  • Dope vid guys!
    In Russia we can ride only 6 month in a year and 3-4 of them in fullsuits, so we don’t see any complains bout that ))

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    Love da sub, love dat kee

  • Stl wakeskates

    The knee looks like any other wakeskaters what’s wrong with it lol hope cgi hooks u up and u come back for blood dog / westsideeeeeeeeeeeee