B-Rolling with Ben: Flip Trip


The Wakeskate Tour recently hooked us up with a serious trip.. three weeks in the Philippines with the Top 10 wakeskaters in the world.   The video team is claiming close to 100 gigs of high definition footage and we’re sorting through thousands of photos as I type this. It’s going to be a while before we roll the goods out the door and we don’t want to make you wait for the mag features and the video release. Ben Horan was lurking behind sliders and perched atop the palm trees with his camera and we’ve got the stuff that you won’t be seeing anywhere else.  Brought to you by Aquarium Hardgoods. We want Moore Ollie.


Felix Andrade
Cole Kraiss
Coco Mendez
Nick Taylor
Reed Hansen
Silas Thurman
Austin Pastura
JP Canuto
Oskar Gejler
Ollie Moore
Aaron Pastura
Andrew Pastura


  • randy pastura

    this is real sick! beni giving us the lifestyle vides to the fullest

  • Ryguy

    Way to hit it with the fork guys! Skrrrt skrrt

  • Foamtop Forever

    -1 for lack of shove-indy.

  • Jacob

    Wesubsist is a breaching site.

  • JT

    the sub knows a guy who knows a guy that can get spring training clips out before rockstar.