Australia Part II

Australia Part II

By Tad Mathews // Additional Photos by Nick Taylor & Travis Belsito

Summerjam was a success. We’d just wrapped up 5-6 days of camping in mozzy infested fish ponds and our next destination was Gold Coast, Australia. Ryan Leary offered us an air conditioned room with plenty of floor space, so we glady accepted. Blair and Matt Rodgers completed the caravan and led the way. There’s not much to say about Gold Coast other than they have heaps of winch spots and world-famous surf breaks. During the next few days, the unthinkable would appear before us. The spots were untamable and the authorities didn’t give a shit. Goldie was off it’s dick!

Nick Taylor & Matt Rodgers

Nick Taylor - Snapper Rock, Australia
Wesubsist , Australia

Ben Horan & Tad Mathews - Maccas for Brekkie.

Nick Taylor & Travis Belsito - Maccas Brekkie

Dean Butt, Ryan Leary and Nick Taylor

Ben Horan and Ryan Leary

Tad Mathews shoots Robina

Ben Horan - Backside 180, Robina
Travis Belsito - Forest Hill, Australia
Nick Taylor - Walking on Water
Nick Taylor, Australia

Nick Taylor - Kickflip

Austalia Barbie

A casual barbie at Dean and Jai’s would wrap up our stay and then we were off to Sydney. We trekked a good 12 hours and woke up on the beach in Nambucca Heads just in time for the sun rise. After a quick trip to Macca’s for brekky, we arrived in Pitt Town. Zip and Travis were ready for us and we couldn’t have ever imagined what was in store for the last few days of our trip. We got to chill with some kangaroos and skate downtown Sydney, but the rest of our time consisted of two key locations: The Hawkesbury River and the legendary Pandora. Both of which were just those mind-bending spots you always hear about, never thinking you’d ever see them in person…

Nambucca Heads, Australia

Ben Horan - Kink Rail


The beautiful Hawkesbury River, so majestic.

Nick Taylor - Hawkesbury River
Travis and Zip
Tinny Party
Tinny Doubles, Hawkesbury River
Nick Taylor - Hawkesbury River


Ben Horan and Travis Belsito - Pandora
Nick Taylor - Pandora
Nick Taylor - Switch Frontboard, Pandora

Nick - Oprah flip
Downtown Sydney
The Crew - Sydney
A huge thanks to Travis for the hospitality and to Zip and the rest of the crew for showing us around Sydney. I am already frothing about Australia next summer and can’t wait for those of you that are coming to hang out on the wakeskate tour. Wakeskating in Australia is a new breed and I’m stoked to see what they have for us in the future. The vibe out there is unmatchable and if you ever get the opportunity to kick it with these dudes, do not pass it up. Oh yea… here’s part two of Nick’s trip, enjoy.

Australia Part II

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