The Stone Zone

Stone Zone

Photography by Roman Rusinov /// Words by TJ Giesey

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Stone Zone! Actually, we’ve all been living in the Stone Zone for a while now because in case you didn’t know, Zak Stone’s zone is wakeskating! A legend in his own right, Zak has been living and breathing wakeskating for over a decade. He has devoted more time to wakeskating during his involvement in the sport than almost anyone and he’s been doing it in every way imagineable. From his early years, blasting “Chryslers” off kickers, to more recently creating his own production company “Oregon Trail Trash” (better known on the streets as OTT), Zak is one of those guys on the forefront of the wake community, and has been doing more than his fair share to help push wakeskating in a positive direction. Once a serious competitor on the scene, Zak eventually took his love of the sport in a new direction when he decided to film and edit his own film entitled “Not What Cha Think.” He brought riders from all over to his beloved state of Oregon, to share with them some of the best spots the state has to offer. The end product was a video unlike any other where the main focus wasn’t on progression or the tricks themselves, but more on the good times and laughs that were had during the production by Zak and the other riders including, Ben Horan, Drew Danielo, Steve Campbell, Kyle Walton, and many others. Roman Rusinov got the chance to visit Zak at home at the end of last year and has been sitting on these photos for a few months now. Check out how Zak and the boys do it out in Oregon, the OTT lifestyle!

Oregon Open Road


Zak - Walkin' the Rope

Winch Driving

Hole in a Lake

OTT Gear

Walkin' The Rope.. Again..


Zak Grabbin'

Zak Kickin' it..


Reed Watson - Frontlip

From all the guys on the submarine–we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Stone for all he has done for wakeskating and to congratulate him on having a little pebble of his own on March 9th, when his son Andon was born. Congratulations and good luck on your journey into parenthood!



  • thisguy

    zak stone taught me to wakeskate/winch

  • Ryan

    ya reed

  • Paul

    Zak, enjoyed looking for sick places to ride over the years of trips up to Washington. way to be a pioneer in your sport!

  • t-roy

    helluva guy

  • Paluska

    Zak – the article and pictures were awesome, and do a great job of showing what you have been doing for years. You’re one of the best riders I’ve ever seen, and your desire to help others in the sport is great. Keep it up, and keep having fun!

  • JIZZ


  • The Wife

    I love to see that other people can see & appreciate his love for this, whether it’s in front of or behind the camera. I know that love of the sport will be passed on to our son too!

  • water monsters

    i dig it!

  • Zak is the man! he has more motivation than anyone I know! Congrats on the child, he better be ripping at 1 year old!!

  • Love me some Stone!

  • Tex

    Yeah Zak! Congrats!

  • Stone Zone

    Oh just wait for the next 10 years!!!! Thank you everyone I’m excited to watch our sport grow and develop into one of the most fun and rewarding feeling we get to experience on this wonderful planet! don’t forget to share the stoke!

  • Thanks guys, glad yall diggin it!

  • burt

    sick! cant wait to meet the little guy in a couple weeks!

  • Nice, Zak this is awesome…