Charlie don’t Surf

Welcome to the Comrades branch of the Sub. This is where we will be featuring videos and stories from fellow wakeskaters and artists. Our first feature is a culmination of clips from the past few years shot by a crew of homies and edited by Brandon Rau, titled Charlie don’t Surf. Enjoy.


Brandon Rau
Tynna Rau (Rosero)
Callie Turner
Tad Mathews
Tyler Mangus
Stu Shinn
T.J. Giesey
Alex Haney
Luke Tilt
Drew Aspinwall
Josh Kirby
Travis Doran
Jackie Legz
Daniel Robins
Cassandra Scott
Laura Hawthorne
James McGuigan
Brett Swaim
Andrew Pastura
Dave Hanson
Edgar Petrenko
Clément Deprémonville
Aaron Pastura
Beni Horan
Austin Pastura
Jeff Barton
Wendy Adler

Brandon Rau
Tynna Rau
Pierre Atruz
Daniel Robins
Dr. Michael Grasso
Kyle Walton
Jeff Skulnik
Ryan Zayas
Trevor Behler
Cassandra Scott
Jen Gilanfarr

Ty Segall

Wu-Tang Clan
Enter The Wu-Tang Clan – 36 Chambers

The King Khan & BBQ Show
“Hold Me Tight”
The King Khan & BBQ Show

Dead Ghosts
“Tea Swamp Rumble”
Can’t Get No

Night Beats
“Rat King”
Sonic Bloom

Beach Fossils
“Twelve Roses”
Beach Fossils

The Clash
“Charlie don’t Surf”

  • David Lollar

    Rad as fuck yo